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Land Allocated for Multi-storey Car Park Building


Commercial uses (commercial showrooms) shall be permitted in the ground floor and the mezzanine floor overlooking Avenue 40. The building may be used as car parks from the first floor to the fifth floor as a maximum.


1. Front Recession:

Building shall be on the front border of the land overlooking Avenue 40, which is considered as the main facade of the building.

2. Side Recession:

Side recession shall be 4.5 meters (four meters and fifty centimetres) from the side border of the land attached to the neighbour and on the side road unless there was an approved building line.

3. Rear Recession:

Recession from the rear border of the land overlooking the rear service road shall not be less than 6 meters (six meters) from the ground floor.


  1. The height of the ground floor roof and the mezzanine floor combined shall be 7.5 meters (seven meters and fifty centimetres).

  2. Building height shall not be more than 5 stories (five stories) with a maximum of 21 meters (twenty one meters).

Special Requirements:

Separate vehicle entrances and exits must be provided on the rear service road.