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Areas of Investment Buildings (B1) overlooking the main roads


  1. Commercial use (commercial showrooms) shall be permitted only on the ground floor and the mezzanine floor of the main facade at depth of no less than 18 meters (eighteen meters) measured from the approved planning line or the depth of the property, wherever is greater, in the buildings overlooking King Mohammed the Sixth Avenue and the two avenues numbered 2809 and 2819, and the two roads numbered 38 and 40.

  2. Residential or business uses or all of them on the first floor and the floors above it are permitted.

  3. The rear service road shall only be used as an entrance and car park area, and for loading unloading and emergency exits.

Building Percentages:

  1. Building percentages in these areas are determined as follows:

  2. The building percentage shall not be more than 750% (seven hundred and fifty percent) of the land area.

  3. The built-up floor area for any floor shall not be more than 60% (sixty percent) of the land area.

  4. A mezzanine floor may be built provided its percentage does not exceed 70% (seventy percent) of the ground floor area.

  5. The showroom area shall not be less than 100 square meters (one hundred square meters).

  6. A basement shall be allowed to be built and its areas shall not be calculated as part of the aforesaid building percentage provided that it shall be the area is not less than 70% (seventy percent) as car parks and be used as utilities, services and entrances.

1. Front Recessions:

Building shall be permitted on the front border of the land in land overlooking King Mohammed the Sixth Avenue, the Avenue number 2809 and 2819, and Road Numbers 38 and 40, and also for facades overlooking internal walk ways in the event of them being the building's main facade, unless there was an approved building line in the detailed plans in which case building shall be permitted on its border as per approved drawings.

2. Side Recession:

Building shall be permitted at a distance of no less than 4.50 meters (four meters and fifty centimetres) from the side border of the land overlooking the side road or connected to the neighbouring land.

3. Rear Recession:

A ground floor is permitted to be built at a distance of no less than 6 meters (six meters) from the rear border of the land. This area may only be used in floors used as car parks, and their area shall not be calculated as a part of determined building percentages an heights.


  1. The height of the ground floor roof and the mezzanine floor combined shall be 7.5 meters (seven meters and fifty centimetres) measured from the pavement level to the bottom of the tiles of the constructional roof of the mezzanine.

  2. In the case of building a basement, the height of the flooring of the ground floor shall not be more than 1.50 meters (one meter and fifty centimetres) from the pavement level.

Special Requirements:

  1. Car parks shall be provided inside the plot as per the regulatory requirements table for car parks for buildings and installations stipulated in Article (1 13) hereof.

  2. In case of multiple uses, the entrances, lifts and staircases leading to the residential uses shall be separated from the remaining non-residential uses.

  3. Separate entrance and exit must be provided for car parks on the rear service road.

  4. Boundary fence is not allowed to be built for buildings on the land border.

  5. Areas used for recreational activities, special utilities and services shall not be calculated as part of the permitted building percentages, provided they don't exceed 20% (twenty percent) of the overall building percentage.

  6. In case where the areas of the plots are less than areas stipulated in the executive regulations of Decree law No. (3) of 1994 concerning the Division Lands Prepared for Construction and Development, the regulatory Requirements in areas of similar sizes shall apply.