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Connected Building Areas


There shall be permitted in such areas residential, commercial, management or all such uses as shall be shown by plans determining the approved development areas.

Building Percentages:

  1. Building Percentages must not be more than 500% (five hundred percent) of the land area.

  2. A single floor is permitted to be built and allocated for utilities recreational activities and residential services, provided the built-up area is not more than 60% (sixty percent) of the land area. This area shall not be calculated as a pan of the overall building percentage, provided the height of the floor is not more than 4 meters (four meters).

  3. In lands located in commercial areas or areas overlooking main commercial roads a mezzanine floor may be added which shall not be calculated as part of the said percentage, and its area shall not be more than 70% (seventy percent) of the ground floor area.

  4. A basement shall be permitted to be built whose area shall not be calculated as part of the building percentage, provided a part of whose area is not less than 70% (seventy percent) is used as parks.


1. Front Recession:

The ground floor is permitted to be built on the front border of the land.

2. Side and Rear Recession:

Building is permitted on the side and rear borders of the land, and in the case of making openings overlooking the neighbours ventilators (internal or external courtyards) shall be left as stipulated by the executive regulations of the law for regulating buildings.


The height of the building must not be more than 5 stories (five stories with a maximum of 22 meters (twenty two meters). In the case of building a basement, the height must not exceed 23.50 meters (twenty three meters and fifty centimetres) in addition the height of floors allocated for services and car parks if any.

Special Requirements:

  1. Residential Apartments may be built, provided the area of each apartment is not less than 60 square meters (Sixty Square meters).

  2. Additional car parks must be provided at a rate of one car park per each apartment for residential uses, and the number of car parks must not be less than one park for every 100 square meters (one hundred square meters) for built up areas allocated for other uses. The required car parks must be either on the ground floor, the upper floors, basement or all of them. Car parks shall not be calculated as part of the permitted building percentage and height. Planning approval must be obtained in consideration for the requirements of Roads, Utilities and Services.

  3. In case of multiple uses, the entrances, lifts and staircases leading to the residential uses shall be separated from the remaining non- residential uses.